Friday, December 11, 2009

Wedding Coordinating

Tomorrow morning I am meeting with my friend Christine who will be helping to coordinate our wedding. We are meeting at 11AM at her house in Everett and then heading to Hidden Meadows so she can see the place and we can check out the space. I'm hoping we will figure out table arrangement ideas and possibly decorations for the aisle. I have so many ideas in my head that they are all starting to mix together and I probably want to do too much. Do I want lights? Garlands? One large cylinder vase in the middle or flowers in mason jars? Lots of candles or just a few? Some type of table cover over the white tablecloth or just use the white cloth? ... I'm sure Christine will reign me in and the ideas will become more clear when I see the place again in person. I need to remember that just like in design, the simpler the ideas the better the outcome generally. There's just so many good ideas out there. I think the accessibility of blogs, diy projects and pictures these days has given me wedding vertigo.

Here's some ideas I'm considering:

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