Monday, November 23, 2009

Ahead of the game?

We have just under 6 months til the wedding! :)

Everyone keeps telling me I'm ahead of the game...we have most of our vendors in place and I'm pretty sure I know who we will book as our caterer and close to figuring out a florist. I know my colors, my venue, I have a dress (that needs to be altered), I'm making our invitations and already have started on them...they don't have to go out til March! And we picked a bakery this weekend.. Morfey's had delicious wedding cake. So why do I feel like there is still so much to do and figure out? Because there is...I think you have to get all of the vendors in place before all the work really begins so I'm glad to be as far as I am. There are still so many small details to deal with.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two tastings

John and I have a busy wedding planning week.

Last night (Monday) we met with the great Julie Cooper who has officiated 230+ weddings. When I saw her website I thought she would be laid back and easy to get along with and I was right! We met her for about an hour at Tullys in Ballard, she told us her spiel and answered a few questions. Overall she was pretty close to what I was looking for in an officiator. Fun, personable and seemed like she would do a good job. Turns out John liked her too so we have decided to hire her.

Today I met with my 3rd florist in as many weeks. Last week I met with Kristen of Denney-Designs. I liked her and received a proposal on Monday. She seems like she would do a good job and listened much more closely to me than the last person. Today I met with Lea of Florarama. She was also very nice. We had emailed a couple of times before meeting so she had a good idea and was prepared when we talked in person. She will send me a proposal in the next couple of days. I have a feeling it will between one of these women but I don't have a sense one way or another of who would be better. It may end up coming down to who can fulfill our needs most cheaply.

Next up, Thursday we have a tasting of the proposed menu that Market Street Catering put together a few weeks ago. I'm looking forward to tasting what we might actually have on the menu!...and in general looking forward to it because their food is tasty! I am also looking forward to seeing what the "blue" tablecloths look like that we had been told about last time we met. Apparently they are pretty close to the same shade of blue as the shear ribbon I'm using on our invitations.

Finally Saturday John and I will be tasting cake at 11AM on Saturday morning at Morfey's in Belltown. I've been looking forward to cake tasting for a while now and have heard some good things about them. I hope it's yummy!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rehearsal May 20th

Hard to believe, but we've already set the time and date for our wedding rehearsal!

The other day my sister-in-law to be asked when they need to be here (coming from Atlanta). I hadn't even thought that far ahead at that point but I figured it would be the Thursday or Friday of that week. I contacted Hidden Meadows this week and I just heard back. They schedule all rehearsals on the Thursday night before the weekend since they have weddings on Fridays usually. Since we are the Saturday wedding we get first pick of the 3 time slots they have available so our rehearsal will be 6:15-7:15 on May 20th. Now I guess we need to come up with where we should have dinner.... hmmm

Monday, November 2, 2009

Website is up!

John's and my wedding Website is up! Check it out here!