Sunday, January 3, 2010

Starting up again...

Wedding planning is gearing up again. I have not done much over the past couple of weeks. We went to Cabo, which was beautiful and relaxing. Now it's the new year and 4 months and 19 days to go til the wedding! So much to do and I'm sure it will go so fast. This week I hope to get most of the RSVPs printed and start gluing the invite part. Next week we might be able to start addressing everything.

Other things we need to do:
Set up RSVP on Web site
Register at Macy's
Call Tulalip Casino to block rooms (I already did this once but no one called back)
Start coming up with a list of music to play at wedding and reception
Decide on men's clothing
Buy an address stamp

And the list goes on...

I've worked out the past 3 days too. I drank way too many cervesas last week. Only a month til I need to call to start getting fitted for the dress so working out is a priority right now.

I'm also a little worried about my bridesmaid gifts... I have them ordered and only 2 have come. I'm not sure what happened to the 3rd one. Hopefully it's in the mail.

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