Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Days are flying by

Our Cake Topper

We are down to 46 days til the big day! The days just seem to be winding down quickly at this point! I've been doing a lot of little projects... Last night I painted the frame of a chalkboard I found at Good Will for $2.99. We will use this on the bar to showcase our Signature Drinks. Today I bought a cake topper and some treats that will be part of the wedding favor. I seem to be crossing two things off my list and then I add one more. Hopefully that math works out right so by May 19th or so I'm done. :)

I had my 2nd dress fitting on Saturday. It went well...it fit and we scheduled my pick up of the dress for May 21st at 2pm! Two of my girls and I will be staying at the Tulalip the night before the wedding so on the way there we'll just stop off and get my gown. I do want to try it on one more time just to make me feel better that it is all done... things are tacked together with pins still right now and there's one button that needs to be fixed. I just want piece of mind that I won't get stuck by pins as I'm walking down the aisle or that my button won't fall off or some other disaster. I know Darcy is great and will get it done...I just want to see for myself before picking it up 24 hours before I wear it...

I also sent out Rehearsal Dinner invites! May 20th at 6:15 pm we will be at Hidden Meadows dotting our I's and crossing our T's in preparation for that Saturday and then off to La Palmera for dinner and drinks and toasts. :)

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