Friday, September 18, 2009

Food, food and MORE food

We may have found a caterer tonight. We headed to Cabbage Patch in Snohomish after work and was able to try just about everything that we had put on a mocked-up menu. Some of the food was a little plain but overall it was really good and Sondi seems like she would be great to work with. There's a few things we would change, like one of the apps and some of the tableware, but she seems very flexible and says its all about what we want that day. We aren't going to decide til we taste one more place probably, or go to the open house at Hidden Meadows Oct. 6, but right now this place is first on the list. I still can't believe how much food she made for us...I even have lunch for tomorrow.

And I just have to say, after driving through Snohomish again tonight, I'm really glad we are getting married there! We saw 3 hot air balloons, a parachuter and a small plane flying (very close to us as it was coming in for a landing), the mountains were was perfect tonight! Now if only we can get all that right on May 22!

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