Thursday, March 4, 2010

Filling Jars

We are going to have 3 mason jars on each table to fill with flowers. My question is do we have the florist do this and have all the flowers match the rest of the flowers in the wedding or do we stop at a few flower markets a day or two before the wedding and do them all ourselves?

I don't really care if we are all matchy matchy and I think the Pike Place Market would be a lot cheaper than the florist. So I think it comes down to how much time will it take to do this? With hanging 150 lanterns and some garland in various places I'm hoping I will have a lot of helpers. Plus I think we are taking photos before the ceremony and will have to be beautiful early in the afternoon. We only get our venue at noon so I think from one or two p.m. we will be doing photos. It's just crazy how much goes into all this. I know we will get it done though!

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