Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tough Week

Just under 20 days to go and it's been a stressful week. I ended up switching up the bridal party so now John's sister is going to be a bridesmaid. It's unfortunate that my friend Jodi had to drop out but it will be fun to have Crystal on the team. Now Jodi can enjoy herself the day of the wedding and not worry so much about being home right after the ceremony to get back to her little girl. I think it worked out for the best.

My mom's dad has had a lot of health issues this week. His adema came back full force a few weeks back and on Thursday he was given a new medication that had an adverse effect. He ended up in the hospital Thursday night, even quit breathing but is still with us for now. He is a tough ol' guy....survived WWII, Federal Way Fire Chief for many years and now this. He won't be able to come to the wedding anymore but I do hope he makes it a little longer so we can share a video of it ASAP after the ceremony. I will miss him greatly. AND my dad's dad is not doing well either right now. I won't go into details but he may have to have one of his leg amputated due to an infection from diabetes plus he's got a bladder infection and high white blood cell count. Not looking good at all. I guess the bright spot in all of this is my grandmother is doing better since her heart attack in January and will be at the wedding. ;) It's just been a tough year.

We got a lot of stuff done for the wedding this week...met with the DJ, Caterer, Wedding Coordinator, Officiant and soon the Photographer. Little by little things are getting done. It seems we pretty much only have the programs, vows, music and some of the timeline to figure out. There's probably more but those are the big parts of the puzzle. It's getting so close.

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