Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Orcas Island

I'm going to head to Orcas Island with one of my bridesmaids this Saturday to check out a couple of places. Right now I really like Orcas Hotel and I'm hoping I love it even more when I see it in person. Doug, the hotel manager, said that we can stop by anytime between 9am-3pm and they will be setting up a wedding so we can see what it will look like all set up, or at least close. The cool things about this place is they include in the wedding package a winter stay so we can taste food and plan the wedding with them, we can reserve the entire hotel (12 rooms) so family and the wedding party can stay if they want (depending on how many people there would be), they have a water view, and they are close to the ferry terminal so its easy for people to come and go. They are so close to the ferry that I think people could even walk on and walk to the venue if they wanted. I hear from people's blogs that its an easy going place.

We are also going to look at Doe Bay Resort on Orcas. I'm not as excited about this one but we'll see how it is when we get there. Mostly I think the cost is too outrageous, but I'm sure it's a beautiful place.

The Canal in Ballard is still in the running as well and John will go see it next week. I'm not excited about the cost of the place...I keep thinking about what an amazing trip we could have for that amount of money, or that we could put a down payment on a house with it. I just never thought I'd be spending so much on one day. Sometimes part of me wants to just go elope at Alderbrook Resort or something. But the thing with that is we would still throw a party and that seems like it would cost almost as much so why not do it all at once? So many decisions. It's overwhelming. At least I think I may have found a dress. I'm going to look at Something Blue on the 15th but if I don't see anything there or its too expensive I'm going to go with one I found at David's Bridal.

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